Coffee Shops

In all of our coffee shops, we get to know about the tradition and history of the specific place before we interpret it and create our own.  In our opinion this kind of approach creates a unique coffee shop.

The architecture behind each coffee shop should invite to a functional workflow, and to a cosy and calm atmosphere for both us and for our guests. The design of our coffee shops is simple and minimalistic with a sense of a natural expression of the materials. Furniture in lacquered pine and untreated iron contrast the anthracite surfaces in our shops.  

We try our best to create different intimacies in each coffee shop in order to create a mood that suits our guests – both for the guest who is looking for a quiet space to write an e-mail and for the guest who wants to talk and laugh with friends.




“The coffee shop with the view over the lakes. Cozy Nørrebro atmosphere and always filled with lots of sweet people!”

– Caroline, manager i Original Coffee Nørrebro


Weekdays:  7.30-18.30

Saturday:  8.00-18.00

Sunday:  8.00-18.00


Sortedam Dossering 9, 2200 København N

+45 22 365 250


Illum Rooftop

“The city's best coffee with the best view over the city right down to Storkespringvandet. It won't get any better ...”

– Pernilla, manager at Original Coffee Illum Rooftop


Weekdays:  10.00-20.00

Saturday: 10.00-22.00

Sunday:  10.00-20.00


Illum Østergade 52, 1100 København K

+45 33 182 693



“A small cozy cafe in the heart of Østerbro with room for everyone.”

– Emilie, manager at Original Coffee Trianglen


Weekdays:  7.30-18.30

Saturday:  8.30-18.00

Sunday:  8.30-18.00


Nordre Frihavnsgade 4, 2100 København Ø

+45 52 500 520



“Open kitchen, big smiles & excellent coffee - served in a relaxing setting in the heart of Copenhagen!”

– Ditte, manager at Original Coffee Bredgade


Weekdays:  7.30-18.30

Saturday: 9.00-17.00

Sunday:  9.00-17.00


Bredgade 36, 1260 København K.

+45 52 500 523



“We offer coffee and open sandwiches with a smile in the heart of Copenhagen, with a view over the old rooftops of the city.”

– Pernilla, manager at Original Coffee Illum


Weekdays:  10.00-20.00

Saturday:   10.00-20.00

Sunday:  10.00-20.00


Illum, Østergade 52, 1100 København K

+45 33 182 793



“Nice coffee bar on the beach, where a good cup of coffee can be enjoyed in a cosy setting.”

 Sebastian, manager at Original Coffee Hellerup    


Weekdays:  7.30-19.00

Saturday:  8.30-18.00

Sunday:  8.30-18.00


Strandvejen 149, 2900 Hellerup

+45 71 702 997



“This places are a nice coffee shop where we love to serve coffee, to those who are in need. Everyone can stop by for a coffee break”

– Daniel, manager at Original Coffee Staderne 


Weekdays:  10.00-19.00

Saturday:  10.00-17.00

Sunday:  10.00.00-17.00


Staderne, Hveen Boulevard, 2630 Taastrup

+45 52 503 541


Microsoft, Lyngby

“A large and light coffee shop in Microsoft's new headquarters, where everyone is welcome. We serve quality coffee in a relaxing and inspiring setting.”

– Markus, manager at Original Coffee Microsoft, Lyngby


Weekdays:  7.30-16.00

Saturday:  Lukket

Sunday:  Lukket


Kanalvej 7, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

+45 52 178 114